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I'm in the middle of a fishless cycle on the same setup. 120 Gl. tank and large sump. I've been at it now for about 3 weeks. I just used ammonia (I don't have another tank to help seed)and have kept it between 1 ppm and 5 ppm. From what I understand you should be keeping your water temp between 80-85 deg. F to help bacteria growth.
What my tank is doing...

First three days 5ppm amm. no nitrite

Over night on 4th day 2ppm amm. and high amount of nitrite
that same night my amm. went to .25 ppm

Now every day I have to add a splash of ammonia and I'm still waiting for that "magical morning" when nitrites test 0ppm. It feels like it will never come. My tank got cloudy the other day but I heard that's normal towards the end of a cycle and goes away on it's own.
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