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Hey all

I figured it would chime in on "my" cycling tank. So far i think my tank is doing ok but i figured i would post and maybe get some feedback. I will go ahead and apologize for the long post, but i figured more details the better.

I have a 120g (48x24x24) future mbuna tank that is in the process of cycling right now. I have a 30g sump underneath the main.

Tank has been cycling for 1 week now. I used dr. tim's one and only and some ammonia to start the process. Hope u guys don't mind but i wanted to run down each day of my cycling process.

Day 1--Using the ammonia supplied with dr tims one and only, i added one drop per gallon to achieve the 2 ppm lvl of ammonia, then added one and only. I measured amm about 1 hr later and got a reading of 2ppm.

Day 2--ph 8.2 amm-hard to tell but between 2 and 4 ppm nitite-.25ppm temp 73

Day 3--ph 8.2 amm-same as last nitite--.25ppm temp 73

Day 4--ph 8.2 amm-same nitite-.50ppm temp--74

Day 5--ph 8.2 amm--same as before 2ppm nitrite--2ppm temp 74

Day 6--ph 8.2 amm still same nitrite--between 2 and 5 ppm nitrate(1st time testing)--5ppm temp--74 finally added a heater to tank this day

Day 7-- ph.8.2 amm--still suck at 2.0 nitrite--5ppm nitrate--20ppm temp--76

Day 8 (same day as this post)--ph 8.2 amm 1.0 finally started to drop nitrite--5ppm nitrate--40ppm temp-78

Well thats where my tank is right now. The amm sticking at 2ppm for days is confusing cause on things i have read about fishless cycling, the routine is to add some more ammonia every few days to main around 2ppm. I have only added ammonia on the initial starting process. When should i add more if any? Also i have read that when nitrites get around the 5ppm lvl that there should be a small water change. I do know that my temp was low but that has been fixed with the heater. I guess i am looking for some reassurance that my tank is cycling right and maybe some advice on what to do next.

Thanks all and appreciate any input
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