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my new peacock tank

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this is going to be my new peacock tank.the tank is a truvu reef ready 150 gal 60x24x24.

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nice, be sure to post pics w/ fish later
Nice tank and wet/dry, those fish are going to thrive!
looks nice...cant wait to see what fish you add
i added some more rock today.

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Nice tank.

A Peacock/Hap tank is a great idea.

Stick with 3-4 species (1 Peacock 2-3 species of Haps) and you'll have a great setup.
it is bowl rock.i also think it is called lace rock
i had some free time so here are somes pics of my peaccocks.


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Why is the water level in the display tank so low?
thats were the tops of the overflows are
Can you raise them? Odd that they are so far below the trim. Defeats one of the best advantages of a sump -- constant water level above the trim.
it is a plexi tank so you will always see the water line because ther is no trim on a plexi tank.every plexi tank i have had is the same way
Ah. Couldn't tell it was plexi from the pics, but now looking closely, I see it. If it doesn't bother you, no problem. If you wanted to cover it, you could build a canopy that dropped below the water line.
its been 2 years sence my last update so here you go.

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PRETTY!!! They grew wonderfully, congrats!!!
time for another update. Those flametails are nice.
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