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Very nice Fronts! Mabilibili is one of the less common Fronts but is comparable to the Light neon blues of the Kavala's. I like the Mabilibili better though as I have 2 Kavalas that dont have as distinct stipes. Those are beautiful black stripes and look great. The black dot just looks like a part of the fish, I doutb its any kind of sickness or parasite and it is not a distinguishing mark for the species, so that leads me to beleive its just the fishes genes to have one.
It is hard to tell if they are really Mabilibili's for two reason:
1. they are still young and as they grow older their color will become more intense and so give a better picture as to what part of the lake they are from (or if hybridized)
2. There are little visual differences to some of the Frontosas in that area. (ae, the Kavalas)

Either way, those look like beautiful fish!
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