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After finally setting my 180G I was ready to add some fronts.

I faced the usual dilemma it seemed; either go with an online breeder or retailer and have more selection, or try to scour the fish stores and probably only find some heavily bred Burundi.

I called some breeders, after they asked me how old I was, if I knew what I was doing, what size fish I should buy, how many i should buy, and of course what they thought I needed was more expensive than the online advertised price, it really put me off.

I made some calls and a local LFS (in UK), called MaidenHead Aquatics had 4 Mabilibili. One 3-4", two 6" and one 9"-10".

I never heard of them before, and there's very little info on the net, except that they are tanzanian.

I checked them out, and looking at how they were being kept, I had not choice but to buy them, it felt more like a rescue operation, plus I instantly fell for them. I got the price down to 120GBP for all four.

I have had them for two weeks, the first week they did not eat, on the second week I introduced bloodworms, that was enough to make them eat like pigs! I think they are getting more color now.

Here's photo's of three of them, the other 6" one, hardly ever comes out of his hiding spot.

I have two questions, are they mabilibili? What's that black spot behind the eye?

Here's the little one

_DSC6365 by lucrent, on Flickr

Here's one of the mid-sized ones, with the black spot

_DSC6386 by lucrent, on Flickr

This is the big guy

_DSC6370 by lucrent, on Flickr

Size comparison between the little one and the big one.

_DSC6375 by lucrent, on Flickr
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