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My new 72 gallon bowfront still have some work to do

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you can just go through the album i can't figure out how to post the image directly in the post i followed the directions any tips??
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Not sure why your img didn't work...

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ridley25 said:
Not sure why your img didn't work...I've posted for you.

What kind of cichlids are going in here?

also added a pic of my 6 gallon fluval edge for fun!
not to sure either i added my fish from my other tank today im gonna post them in a few mintues gotta a few peacocks with alot of females syno petricola frontosa and some other odd balls thanks for posting man!
Looks nice. What are you stocking it with?
No problem.

If I were planting this tank I would move the red plant either to the left or the right somewhat - its colour makes it an obvious centrepiece so there's no need to put it right in the dead centre. Things look too symmetrical - not much in nature is symmetrical.

I would also place it (or another tall plant) in front of the intake to hide it somewhat.

Lastly, I would add some medium to short plants in the foreground to give the tank a bit of a back-to-front slope. It will increase the feeling of depth (or in this case, width!)

A nice start!

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thanks kevin yea i just uploaded new pics to the album check it out! i added a few more plants and im getting those foreground plants very soon there also some fish pics in there! Rgr im adding some O.B peacocks soon and some calvus i love those things lol also some more petricollas was gonna maybe try some kribensis out not sure yet though

Is this the latest?
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yea thanks for posting this man i gotta figure it out!
They are going to want caves/rocks to hide under... break line-of-sight.

Just my 2¢
Glaneon yea i gotta finish it yet trying to find the right rock i ran tanks for years but then stopped not a fan of slate or holy rock i need something different..definitely need something though
Flat river rock... it's rounded and cheap.
yea i checked it out idk man its nice but im looking for something different to many tanks look identical cause of the rocks i know the natural feel is what people want but my fish always do fine with out it i have very little aggression.. im gonna have to make something to fill the void lol thanks for the tips though i love this site everyones awesome!
You might want to check out Cichlid stones by underwater Galleries . I bought the 15 pack & the fish love em. They're light and easy to move for cleaning. Sorry no pics yet.
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