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My new 120 gallon

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I have 1 of each
petenia splendida, parachromis, vieja melanurus, vieja heterospilus, partatilapia pollleni, hypselrcara temporalis, ampphilophus robertsoni, hypsophorys nicaraguensr
Looks really good
I added some small cat fish,

2 Sun cat fish a 1 angelica, 1 Synodontis haugi,
I had 8 healthy fish in the tank. I relised one was a little slow and some fins where rubing off. I started giving them melafix, I was out all day yesterday. This morning I just can not find him anywhere. He did not jump out because I have a glass top. Did they eat him all up not a sign of him? He was atleast 4 inches by now.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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