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My mbuna

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I took some shots of my mbuna today for no particular reason and wanted to share.

I caught two male p. socolofi in a mouth fight. The albino that is watching them is actually the dominant male in my tank of this species.

This is my dominant yellow lab

And this is my dominant yellow-tail acei. The camera flash brings out the color.

In this shot he looked right into the lens.

And here is a group shot. The acei on the right is holding a mouthful of eggs.

Hope you like them.
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Great looking fish. Your tank looks to be nice and active :thumb:
The activity level is pretty high alright. Nobody is getting hurt, but it is time to start removing some of my extra males. I just hate to see them go...
Nice pics, those are some good looking fish =D>
Thanks. I've had good luck with them so far. I had a couple of spawns among the yellow labs last fall and now I have either two or three acei holding eggs. I feel like my fish are at least reasonably happy when they can spawn successfully.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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