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my mbuna tank lots of pics....

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hope you guys enjoy.... :wink:
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You've got some neat looking fish there Freddy. The yellow lab and maybe that one is a red zebra, are the only ones I know. What is your stocking list? Some are peacocks and some mbuna right?
Good lookin tank :thumb:
I like the peacocks. Nice tank.
thanks guy ill post more pics when im done stockin is the cycle pros now but it seems like my ammonia dont want to go down is been up one month on the 14 of this month.and i know i have a kenyi,hongi,red zebra,yellow lab,calico fullerborni,pecock and 2 more the i dont know what they are and i think im goin to do 20-25 tops...
If you've got an ammonia reading with those fish already in the tank, you need to implement some frequent water changes (maybe even several a day) until you get the ammonia to zero. Otherwise, you are risking doing long term serious damage to your fish.

You could also use Prime to aid in detoxifying the ammonia that you do have, but you'll still need to do some water changes. Feed minimally until you get things straightened out.

I wouldn't add anymore fish until the tank has completed it's cycle.

Did you tank finish cycling before you added more fish?

How much filtration do you have?
yes i used prime and i have been using it and im doin water changes not every day but im doin them and no i didnt add more fish because the tank is not cycle yet. but i was told if i do water changes im slowin the cycle down now how true is that?
It doesn't matter if you're slowing down the cycle, you've added fish you plan to keep, and you need to be doing frequent water changes in order to keep from doing internal organ damage to them.

This is why you should do a fishless cycle or cycle the tank with fish you don't plan to keep long term.

I would start doing multiple water changes of about 30%, at least once a day, preferably more until you get that ammonia to zero.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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