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my mbuna and tanks

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Just a few random pics of my tanks and favorite fish

First few are of my 75 gal which includes 15 Demasoni, 3 Elongatus Chailosi, 3 Greshakei, 2 Syn. Ocellifer

Next are a few pics of the rockwork in my 55gal in progress which so far includes 4 SRT kimpuma and 4 Afra Hai Reef... i love the rockwork in this tank i think its my best tank in 10 years...

Next are some pics of my male Afra Hai Reef i picked up at the LFS last week... He is really starting to show some nice colors...

My camera is kinda crappy but i tried my hardest sry they are kinda blurry.... so whatcha think guys?!?!?
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g-day bluepitbullz,
hey very nice, i love them dems.
keep up the great work....enjoy :thumb:
Sweet tanks! It almost looks like Coraline algae in there. I have had that look before too.
Thanks guys... Yea i am running an eclipse bulb in that tank and i cant stop the algae growth so i just decided to arange the rocks in a way that they kinda look like one big rock... that algae is crazy its really thick and fuzzy...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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