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My Lucky Day!

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As some of you know I'm the assistant maintenance supervisor for an apartment complex in Charlotte. We don't allow 'junk' on the patios of the apartments. There has been a 29 gallon tank on this one patio for about a week. Today the property manager and I went to the resident to tell them they had to remove it. The resident told us they no longer wanted it and could throw it away or have it if we wanted it. Of course I told the manager I'd like to have it, he said ok. So I got a VERY nice 29 gallon tank with light oak frame, matching hood and light, wrought iron frame, undergravel filter, about 4" of natural colored gravel, some plastic plants, a few nice rocks and some plastic plants for FREE.
I haven't had time to rinse it out yet but the resident said that it didn't leak they just didn't want it anymore. Oh yea, did I mention it was FREE.
I know it's not exactly the grand prize from a power ball drawing but it made me happy. I VERY RARELY get this lucky.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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