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I just wanted to share my experiance here with how I was introduced to this hobby and my first experiance.

It started with my girlfriend saying it be a good idea to start a fish tank. So we bought a 29g all glass tank than went to petland for some stocking suggestions. Keep in mind I knew nothing at all about fish just well besides fishing experiance. The petland worker asked what size tank we told him. We said we wanted a nice community tank so he suggested fish told us what would work we picked out from what he pointed out. He guided us to these fish 2 irradescent sharks, 1 needle nose gar, 1pleco, 2 jewel cichlids, 2 convicts, 2 blue acara, and 1 frog. Of course he picked a male and female pair for the convicts and blue acara.

Now for the setup of the tank we asked what we should do for that he told us the additives we needed to remove chlorine and metals. Except he said just add water in the tank let it run for 2 hrs than put the fish in. No info on the cycling the tank knew nothing of that. The pleco was the only one to die everything else lived for a while. Gar was the 2nd to die and the jewels were stressed by the acar and convicts. Several months I had 20 blue acara and the sharks were close to 8inches long. I gave the jewel away it was badly stressed. I gave away my FIRST batch of blue acara. I than got 3 more bathes of them folllowed by endless convicts.

This was about 4yrs ago most fish given away to larger tanks I had the original convict untill recently but gave it away. The sharks were very healthy but I read about them online gave them to a local pet shop.

My point is if i didn't find this site I wouldn't know any better I pretty much looked up my fish in the profile read post on here and was educated on proper fish keeping. I know better now and I would never stock a tank this heavily and have upgraded to a 90g for some time now with less than what i had in that 29g tank.
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