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My green terror's GF

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My new green terror has been in his 55 for a few weeks now and I couldn't get him to come out of his cave for the life of me. I had a comet goldfish then I bred for my oscars that managed to live and get big. So since he was never a desired fish I put him in with my gt as a target fish. It worked perfect, my gt hangs out with him all day now so for no agression that I can see but now he's out cruising the tank all the time. The gold fish just isn't allowed in the cave.
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interesting long as it works. do you keep the temp set for the GT or the goldfish?
I keep it between 75 and 80 for the gt. The tank the gf was in was right in front of a baseboard heater so that tank is always around 70-75 anyway.
Just shows how adaptable goldfish can be. Though, I'm sure you know a 55 isn't big enough for a comet. Of course living with a terror isn't either :lol:
I know but I never wanted him in the first place so he is gonna have to make do.
Aw poor thing. But he'll be happy just to have a place to live :wink: And if the big buy helps the scaredy cat GT, then all the better.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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