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Hi all,

Been here posting away for couple weeks but haven't divulged much.

Short story. Been keeping VicCichs for the last few years. Due to a lack of interest in Vics in the Australian Cichlid community I decided to go back to Mals or Tangs.

Chose Mals.

All of my current fish are juveniles (except 1 adult colony) and the process of selection is underway. I'll be cutting back the colonies I am going to list as soon as I can sort the boys from the girls etc etc.

Tank 1 - 120 litres (3 x 14 x18) - has 5 x Aulonocara baenschi "Benga". Largest is 7 cm and she has her first little mouthful. There's one known boy a little under 7 cm and very pretty already and 3 smaller girls (I hope).

Tank 2 - 208 litres. (4 x 14 x18) - has 7 x adult Metriaclima zebra, "black bar, white tops" up to 13 cm.

Tank 3 - 208 litres - 14 x venustus between 4-7 cms. Not sexable yet. 16 x Metriaclima callainos between 5-6 cm plus a big fella who is about 10 cm.

Tank 4 - 300 litres (6 x 18 x 14) - 17 x Protomelas taeniolatus "Namalenje Island" between 5-8 cms (from different sources). Nothing doing there yet. 12 x Otopharynx lithobates "Zimbabwe" between 4-8 cms, a couple of these have started developing their yellow blaze and are beginning to "get at each other". These were also sourced from 2 different breeders.

Tank 5 - 160 litres (3 x 18 x 18) - 5 x Astatotilapia calliptera between 6-7 cms and unfortunately all looking like and behaving like males. This is bad as these are very hard to get in Aus and are a banned import.

Tank 6 - 90 litres (20 inch cube) - has a couple of ring ins. 2 x Hemichromis lifalili adults 1M/1F. Were breeding at previous owners place but haven't kicked off here.

Tank 7 - 208 litres - 8 x Pseudotropheus sp. acei "Msuli". Unsexed. All about 7-8 cm. They are starting to get jiggy with it but no mouthfuls yet.

Tank 8 - 208 litres. 15 x Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos between 4-6 cm. A couple of nasty little men here, the rest are either subs or girls. 10 Metriaclima barlowi. 5-6 cm and one really nice doom male. No action yet.

Tank 9 - 80 litre nursery tank has my latest additions. 11 x Chilotilapia euchilus between 2-4 cm. Wouldn't normally buy 2 cm fish but these were in the club auction and you are not allowed to look at the lots. The auctioneer was a bad judge and said 3-5 cms. Anyway, these are very uncommon here as well and at least at this size I'll have time to save for a huge tank for them as they grow to a decent size (slowly Im told) :lol:

Tanks 10, 11 & 12 are 30 litre hospital/maternity tanks that I keep cycled with bristlenose. There are bristlenose in all the tanks

I also have 2 more 208 litre tanks in waiting.

The black bar zebras will be going. They were an I pulse buy at the auction and I don't find them very attractive :lol:

Lastly, I am waiting on confirmation of some new imports depending on availability. My mate, the importer has sent the list of allowable imports to the supplier in Germany and is waiting to see if any of the 3 Aulonocara species I want are available. These may be tank raised F1 fish or actual wild caught depending on what they have.

That's all :)

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I would be wary of a few things in three of the tanks tanks.

Tank one.
You say you have one male and three females. Is the odd one out a male. I have found Bengas
to be very aggressive. I would not hold much hope for a sub-dominant male.
Beautiful fish though.

Tank three.
Venustus grow pretty large, around the 10"+ mark. Tank is way too small for 14. I am sure
you have big plans for them.

Tank four.
There is a good chance of the Tenaiolatus hybridising with the female Lithobates.

Best of luck with the fish and please post some pics.
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