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Hi I'm a noob here and a noob to fish keeping... well I say new but I kept them as a child and bred some but that was such a long time ago (things have changed so much) and under the guidance of my parents so it doesn't count! :D

Anyway after admiring my friends tank and remeniscing about my childhood days when I kept fish... she talked me into buying her brothers old tank (since he upgraded)! The tank is about 120Litres... 30"w x 12"d x 18"h anyway my first thoughts on occupants was Blue Acara's but I decided the tank was too small so I've gone for a SA Community tank centered around SA Dwarf Cichlids. As the tank and filter and filter media had been used by previous occupants I managed to do a fishless cycle in just under 2 weeks and so yesterday I added my first fish to the tank yesterday... I think I may have gone a little OTT for my first stocking... but time will tell so far my fish seem fine and I've had a slight nitrite and nitrate spike since adding the fish but nothing too worrying yet. I'm upgrading the filter this week to a Rena Filstar IV4... but will leave the old filter in for the time being.

My new occupants are: a pair of A.panduro, a pair of A.cacatuoides, 2 very small Clown Plecos, 2 Flag tailed Catfish and 6 Lemon Tetras... my photography skills need to improve though... this is my tank the day after I set it up...

Some of the occupants going in..

A.panduro male (these are really nice looking little Cichlids in the flesh I just wish I had the skills to do them justice)

A.cacatuoides (pair)

Catfish settling into their new home....

Flag Tailed Catfish... these are really fun to watch... they sit motionless then all of a sudden they will dart to the top of the tank to get their food... lightening quick

And a cheeky teeny tiny Clown Pleco hijacking what the A.panduro have claimed as "their" cave :D

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