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Hey guys, been reading for a couple of days, and i decided to get my self a tank, and build a wet/dry trickle filter.

I found a 55 gallon tank on craigslist for 40 dollars.

for my sump and wet/dry filter i am using a 10 gallon tank and a modified version of the 20 minute wet/dry filter that tannable75 posted. instead of the 2 gallon buckets i am using rubber maid containers. i found the 19 quart and the 12 quart stack nicely with 2 gallons of bio balls between them.

as of right now i've drilled holes in both containers and have started cutting pipe for my return from the sump. i'm using 1/2" pvc for everything. no tube for me. i made a spray bar that runs almost the entire back side of the tank.

for my overflow i am using the one that used a tea pitcher for the overflow, for this i am using 3/4 inch pvc pipe.

i also need to make a new glass hood as the one that came with it is broken and melted in a couple of places.

any suggestions there???

also is there a brand/type of paint i can use on the pvc pipe so it's not so white thats safe for fish? i was thinking black?

I got lucky in that my brother's neighbor just got rid of their fishtank and had about 75 pounds in texas holey rock, slate, and some dead "live rock". saved me some money there.

i'll take some pictures tomorrow, just tired of running to home depot for fitttings all day.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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