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my first con fry!!

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i've wanted to breed cons for a couple months now so i bought a pair about 3 weeks ago and was hoping for fry.(i have always seen my dad do it but i never tried)

then i was out of state for a week to go celebrate 4th of july with some family and fire works are legal there :D (illegal in california :roll:)

so i come home to about 15-20 fry this is their first spawn so i am a proud father :dancing:

here is the father with the fry kinda hard to see bad quality and a dark cave:

And here is the mother:
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Congrats man! Beautiful pair! :thumb: I really love the Female! :eek: :)

With all of these Convict spawning pictures I have been seeing it kind of makes me want to spawn Convicts too. :p Maybe I should do Convicts over Guppies because I want to breed Convicts again and also my Guppies keep dieing! :roll:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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