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Might get a little crowded in a 5x2x2 :wink:

I have a 5x2x2.5 and I'm trying to see those fish fitting in it but can't LOL

Nice fish though...

You could always do some digging to find out where the synspilum came from...

How big are all these fish? The stock in my 5x2x2.5 (185 us gallons) is:

Argentea 7"
breeder nics 8" & 5"
Hatiensis 5"
breeder cutteri
breeder convicts
barred midas 2"
carpintis 2"

I realize I'm eventually going to be removing the midas, carpintis and Haitiensis. I'm hoping you realize that an aro cannot live in a 5x2x2 and your cichlid hierarchy will break down eventually due to lack of space. I don't mean to preach I just want to make sure you've got plans for when things start to fall apart is all... I have 49 other tanks...

Forgot to mention (if you didn't know) that the severum and chocolate are SA cichlids. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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