my aquarium box

My Aquarium Box is a monthly "mystery" box service available for hobbyists. The subscription based, monthly box service is nothing new. Many other industries offer this business model; in exchange for a monthly subscription fee you receive a variety of products. The advantages are usually that the combined retail price of the items is usually higher than the monthly cost and that you are introduced to products you may not have known about or tried otherwise. Not knowing what's in the box adds a certain excitement to each delivery.

My Aquarium Box packages include a random variety of foods, decoration and maintenance supplies. Packages may also include some promotional materials or coupons for the product manufacturers that are associated with this service. My Aquarium Box allows you to select the type of products included in each box based on the type of aquarium fish you keep. The three choices include freshwater, saltwater and cichlid subscriptions. If you think you might be interested in this service visit their site at