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This is my 55 Gallon African tank, just wanted to get everyones thoughts and opinions on it.

Filters:Aquaclear 30, Aquatech 40-60, Aquatech 10-20, rena 35, 20 gallon sponge filter.
Heaters: Whisper 30-60 gallon, and an Aquatech 10-20 gallon
Substrate: White pool filter Sand
Caves are made or red/pink/white marble.
I have 2 bubble walls covering that back of the tank
Stock List:
2 Melanochromis auratus
3 Cyphotilapia frontosa
2 Plecostamus
1 yo-yo loach
1 Labidochromis caeruleus
2 Bumblebee Cichlid
3 Red Zebra
2 Red Fin Boryeli
1 Rainbow Shark
1 White Scofoli
1 Cobalt blue
1 Red Peacock
1 Kenyii
1 Fuelleborni
2 Acei Cichlid

I know it's a lot but most of them are small biggest is probably a 2-2.5 inch yellow lab.
I Change 15 gallons a day to keep the tank healthy.[email protected] ... 894752412/

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I assume you are going for all-male and therefore I'd say better to remove the multiples of any species. And these big and/or aggressive fish are better in a larger-than-55G tank:
Bumblebee (Crabro)
Acei (might work though)

Not sure how the borleyi and peacock will work in an all-male tank with mbuna...let us know periodically. Success can be judged at about the two-year anniversary.
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