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First off, let me say that UGJ are great within minutes the poop was in the filter on not on ym new sand.

Sand looks natural, but even the "Clean" PFS took about 15 minutes per 2 gallons of Sand to clean. I think it looks better than expected and it is HEAVY and doesn't float at all, nice coarse grain.

Tank is still cloudy, but you can see a little. This was a trial to make sure I will like Sand in my big tank and also I wanted to see how the UGJs might best be installed in the big tank.

So here are a couple not great photos of the tank taken in the daytime. I'll post more soon as it clears up and its night. Its just a trail so I know it isn't perfect, but this tank is going to be sold/stored in a few weeks. Fish in it OB Zebra, Pseudo Acei, Red Zebra, Synodontis (sp?) Catfish

This is easier, just check out the first four pictures here
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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