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my 150us/566 litre tank,,,with up and downs,,,

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2 oscars<<<<
2 silver sharks<<<<
3 tinfoil barbs<<<<
1 hoplo catfish<<<<
1 senagal birchir<<<<
1 gibbicep<<<<
1 common plec<<<<

until resently also had my male jag brutis who has now decided he was going to OWN the tank attacking everything, so *** temp rehomed him in a 3ft until next week when hes going to my local aqaurium to his new home<permanant>couldnt return him to lfs and have him end up somewhere bad :(

also i had a vieja bifa which in her yes<her>time killed a green terror beat living day lights out of a female jack dempsey and my two oscars so sold her to a friend which has her all alone :thumb:

anyhow all is great now in my tank,, iam planning an upgrade sometime soon,,looking at 10ft/4ft/4ft :dancing: so iam getting excited! just have to sell my dang flat
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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