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I have a 40g breeder I would like to turn into a South American community tank with a male Apistogramma Cacatuoides, a shoal of rummynose or neon tetra and perhaps some Corydoras. My original plan was to also have a harem of female A. cacatuoides with the male but they are very difficult to find locally. I have been looking for at least 6 months.
Another idea I have been exploring is to have that community tank but with a few different male Apistogramma species instead of adding females into the mix. In this scenario I would also have a separate 30gal breeder with a single or multiple females that I can introduce a male for spawning if I ever want to breed them.
I have been browsing the forums and been seeing a bit of mixed info regarding keeping multiple male Apistogramma in a tank whether from the same or different species. Opinions on this matter? I have found A. pandurini, A. agassizi, and A. macmasteri males locally. Would I be able to keep any of these with my male A. cacatuoides? I was thinking the footprint of the 40 breeder might be large enough to give these guys some individual territories and perhaps there wouldnt be as much aggression without females in the mix. Let me know what you think.
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