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Multi-Stage Development Spawn?

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Alright, I was stripping my one female Lab. chisumulae, and of the first 5 that came out, 4 were fully developed and free-swimming. The fifth one, however, was like a week's (or more) worth of development behind - the fry was tiny with a huge attached egg sac. Needless to say - I let her grab that fry back up and will let her hold it another week. I haven't stripped her completely - there is probably a few more fry in her mouth but I'll wait to get them for now.

Any possibe explanations for this? Could she have spawned again about a week later, and had another fry or two?
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I've seen an already-holding Demasoni doing the spawning ritual again with a male 1-2 days later, so maybe a week or so after the original spawn can't be ruled out.
Don't know if mine did actually did spawn again though.
Could it just be a runt? A week seems a bit much, but I guess it's possible?
As someone else had suggested - she may have picked it up from another spawn.

About a week after the one female spawned - a second one spawned. The first female is more dominating - and may have interrupted the second's spawn - and picked up an egg or two. This would account for the development differences.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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