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Moving P. Flavus in new tank

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Hi guys,

Do you think I would manage to house 4 P.flavus (2m/2f) sub-adult and 4 cyno sp.hara gallyreya (2m/2f) sub-adult, in a sort of cubic tank? Its a 88x67x50 (total of 290lt).
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No problem at the beginning but later on Ps. Flavus dominant male will take over 40-50% of your tank, and you will have a little problem. Then he will probably kill another flavus male/subdominant male and then you have more problems, later on he will pick on cyno and then you will have a whole lot of headache… This is the scenario I encountered.

It is recommended to have at least 100cm long tank so that they can swim in the manner they love to do it and in order to divide territories in best possible way.

My suggestion is now a little bit contradictory from written above…add at least 3 more Flavus and 3 more cyno (if possible all females) and then you will probably avoid having tank dominant male, you will avoid other subdominant male death and cyno will fight for they right from a better position…More fish=less aggression=better balance.

Believe it or not that can and will compensate for those 20cm that you are lack of... :wink:

Sound strange and crazy but I'll put my bet on it!!
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Thx Xclub, I was going to add 2-3 female of each race since there are 2 male of each :D!

This is where they will be housed: ... 2094950770

Another question...since the tank above was 1 of my first ones (= 0 experience), I have many different cichlid inside. If I keep 2 Labido. Caeruleus adult (8-9 cm), 1 male of P.Aurora and a pair of Mela. Auratus? I am sort of attached to them since I bought them when they were really small...
The other fish I will return them to the LFS.
...This is where they will be housed
ok...I officially hate you now and you are not so far away from me...I'm going to get you!! :drooling:


I like it A LOT!

If you mean to return Flavus and cyno I think that it is a good decision…

I would never give up those fishes...
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