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Moving my tank just 2 more inches off of the wall. Help.

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Hey there,

Does anyone know/can recommned, if I can move my tank about 2 inches more off the wall without having to break the tank down??

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Do it during a 60% water change. Take the hood off, and pray that your rocks are steady.
Rocks are pretty low to the substrate.

For reference, I have a 75g rectangular tank.

I probably would not take the chance. You'd definitely have to be able to slide the stand/tank as a unit. Maybe if the floor was a hard, smooth surface and sliding would work easily. Then, I'd drain the tank to 2" of water and have 2 people holding the tank onto the stand so it doesn't topple off, and slide from the bottom of the stand near the floor one side at a time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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