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Dewdrop asked some questions, making a new post for the answers so as not to hyjack someone else's thread.

Why aren't you keeping the acei? I love mine and think they add alot to the tank.
Why are you downsizing the malawi tank?
What plans do you have up your sleeve for the 125g.?
My Mbuna went from the 38G to the 125G where they have been for almost two years. My favorite part of fishkeeping is planning and landscaping the tank. Maintenance is my least favorite part, so I don't want too many tanks. I always have 2 or 3 future tanks in planning stages, but I'm going to try to rotate.

I put some Tangs in the 38G and planted it and really enjoy both. So at year-end I'm moving the plants and the Tangs to the 125 and adding Cyps, Julies, Leleupi and Brevis.

I'm also adding a 75G tank for the Malawi and giving up the Acei. They are large fish (I prefer small) and add the least color. There is not a lot of contrast between the Acei and the Cynos...I prefer the Cynos.

Not sure what will go in the 38G...marine maybe? I might try a peacock trio first.

Two years from now? I can see an all male peacock/hap tank in the 125G. :)

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Thanks for starting the new post, DJ. My bad for asking the questions there but was sooooo curious. I'd like a planted tank sometime too and as we know, it just doesn't work in with mbuna. I can't wait to get my bigger tank so I can start playing around with moving fish around and getting into some other types. Good luck with the change.
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