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Hey Guys and girls :)

I'm going to look at a colony of fronts this weekend. The guy is selling them because he has no more time for them. Sad for him, but very good for me ;)

There are 10 of them, the biggest male is 7".

Will they accept the 6 juvies that are currently in the 125?

There's also 3 syno's coming with them...

I'm adding them to my 125 gallon, and I'm getting the rest of the fish (next to 6 juvie fronts in there already) out of the 125 and relocating them to other tanks.

Now... What is the best way of transporting them? To you American people, an hours drive is probably nothing ;). They are located at about an hour driving distance of my home...

How do I do it best?

Thx for the tips!

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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