Hello all. I've been a keeper of Tanganyikan cichlids for a while now. I am having to move out of state for some school and cannot take my fish with me.
I am looking to rehome my fish. It is a mixed tank of smaller Tanganyikans. I have taken great care of these fish and really am upset to see them go.
I am hoping to find someone who will take as good care of them as I have. I am not looking to make money here, just see them rehomed.
I live in La Grande OR, which is about 4 hours east of Portland and 2.5 hours west of Boise. Everything you see in the pic is included;

I have worked long and hard to create a group that lives well together.
1x Adult white calvus
1x Sub-adult Neolamprologus moori
3x Sub-adult Neolamprologus caudopunctatus
1x Sub-adult Neolamprologus leluipi
1x Adult (I think) Synodontus petricola
2x Adult (I think) Lamprologus ornatipinnis
1x juvenile black calvus
2x eheim canister filters. One is a classic and the other an Eco.
Light bar
3 water movers
55 gallon tank (has flat black painted back)
rocks and substrate if you want it.
I have invested a lot of time and money in this set up, but if you are willing to travel here to get them, then I'll let it go all up for $100.
PM with any questions, and let me know here in the comments if you do so I know to check my inbox.
Thank you all.
If I have left out any pertinent info please remind me as I'm doing this while life is killing me.