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More Oscar Behavior Questions

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Okay - I know, I'm going to get annoying soon, but I am just enthralled with these new juvenile Oscars I bought today.

When do they become sexually mature? Mine seem to be almost nuzzling each other, staying right beside each other, totally non-aggressive.

The Albino is probably 2" and the Tiger is probably 3".

If they aren't aggressive to each other at all, can that change at the drop of a hat? (i.e. they become sexually mature and realize they'd rather fight than mate... especially if they're M/M)

BTW: They were not in the same tank, so I don't think they had some pre-established bond or anything - but I don't know.

And IF these Oscars happen to be M/F and manage to have eggs that are fertile and hatch, how does the Tiger X Albino gene affect their offspring? Just a mix of Tiger and Albino or is there a Tiger/Albino mix ?

And what is "sulking" with Oscars - is it the laying around, not moving? Mine have done that a little bit, so I was worried. How do you know if they're "sulking" and not sick?

Okay - I think that's all right now :)
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There are different reasons for oscars sulking. It can be when you do a water change, put them in a new tank, or when they think they should be getting something tastier to eat than just a measely old pellet :lol:
The first oscar I had started out eating pellets, til I brought home some fresh shrimp as a treat. I gave it to him, and he thought he was in heaven. The next feeding I gave him a couple of pellets. He tasted it, spit it out, then fluttered to the bottom of the tank, like a leaf blowing in the wind, and just lay on the bottom. Seeing this I was worried, and thought I would try to see if he would eat shrimp ( hoping he would eat, thinking he was sick). He bolted to the top ofr the shrimp like he was dying of starvation :lol: They are smart fish, didn't take long to spoil him, and he sure played me for a fool :lol:
If you want to know if it's just sulking, try putting a real tasty treat in'll know real quick :p
They have more whacked emotions than a mid cycle woman.

And they group together for comfort until they need more room.
They are little cry baby teddy bears.
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