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More cycling questions.

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I know this topic has been hammered to death and I have been reading and reading but still I am not quite sure what to do. I am not totally sold on fishless cycle or bio spira. I guess I am used to the old fashioned throw some toilet bowl fish and wait.

I am setting up a new 125 gallon tank. I already have a 75 gallon that is established, so my plan was to use about 40 gallons of water from the 75, take some of the rocks and 1 emperor 400 and use that on the 125. Am I on the right track? Would it be safe to add a few cichlids at this point or should I just buy some danios and wait.

Thanks in advance

Dazed and Confused
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If the rocks are substrate from the established tank, then that's sound great. All those things will help with seedy the new tank, and speed up the cycle. I would go with the Danios... IMO.
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