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More cycling questions.

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I know this topic has been hammered to death and I have been reading and reading but still I am not quite sure what to do. I am not totally sold on fishless cycle or bio spira. I guess I am used to the old fashioned throw some toilet bowl fish and wait.

I am setting up a new 125 gallon tank. I already have a 75 gallon that is established, so my plan was to use about 40 gallons of water from the 75, take some of the rocks and 1 emperor 400 and use that on the 125. Am I on the right track? Would it be safe to add a few cichlids at this point or should I just buy some danios and wait.

Thanks in advance

Dazed and Confused
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I encourage you to go with the fishless cycle if you are interested in adding a large number of fish all at once. Fishless cycling allows you to build up a larger colony of beneficial bacteria than cycling with a few Danios. It take s a bit of patience, but seeding with the established filter and substrate will speed up the process. We can help you through it if you need help or advice on the fishless cycling.
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