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I just completed my DIY moonlight using 3 12" cold cathodes. I installed it on my 6ft light and it works great. However, it seems to have changed the behaviour of the tangs in the tank. It's a 120 gallon with Cyps, Daffodils, Brevis, Julies and Calvus. Before, when it was totally dark, I didn't notice much movement in the tank. I have my laptop on the dining room table and the tank is in the living room so I have my light on and can see the tank. The cyps would usually just stick together by the rocks and rest. Everyone else is usually hiding and the tank is basically devoid of any movement.

However, after having the moonlight on, there seems to be a lot of activity now at night. The Cyps are now more active and are moving about quite a bit. The Calvus are swimming around in the open now. The Brevis and Daffodils are also out of the rocks. I can't seem to see the Julies.

Is this normal behaviour? I guess if it's totally dark everyone hides out by instinct?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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