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Hello all, just finished some work I did on the canopy for my 6" 135g and thought I would share. I was tired of needing help to lift the canopy off the tank whenever I wanted to work in the tank. It was just a standard canopy that didn't hold the light, and just had two large panels for the top that opened up and leaned against the wall.

I decided to basically cut it in half and hinge it, allowing me to open the top panels still, but then I could also swing the front of the canopy up and give me unrestricted access to the tank. Since we were taking away the structural integrity of the canopy by doing this I attached a length of wood lengthwise to help with that, and also to hang my light from. I will probably just hang it on chains so I can move it side to side if ever needed. The only other thing worth mentioning is I had to add extra supports (that actually sit on the side of the tank) for the back section of the canopy.

It was very easy and only took about 3 hours while being tedious about it. I'm sure I coulda slapped it together in an hour but I had nothing better to do today :) . It came out very nice with hardly a noticeable seam where I cut it on the sides. I have yet to fill in the holes or paint but I wanted to get some pics up so you can see what was actually done. Everything was black before this so if it's wood colored, it's new. I did have to route the top lids to help flush everything up, but I'm sure there is a way around that. I'll be hanging the light later today, it will be nice to have light when I'm cleaning now too.

Here's what was put inside. I wanted more surface area to use a gnarly hinge so I glued/screwed wood for it.

All this will be filled and painted. I'm sure it won't be noticeable once it's done.

Much better :)
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