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Hello! I had n. brichardi tank long ago and loved it. Babies, juvies, and adults all over the place - practically gave the babies away at club meetings. Got out of the fish-keeping hobby. Now my adult daughter would like me to set up a tank for her, remembers the brichardi and wants them. However, wants "more variety" than a single species tank like I had. Based on the cookie cutter rec here: ... er_40g.php , I would like to do this:

Pair of calvus or compressiceps
Pair of multifasciatus (shellies)
Pair of brichardi or pulvus

Is there any reason brichardi or pulvus wouldn't be compatible with the shellie? I hadn't tried that before. After full tank cycling, any recommendation of how exactly to stock, in order to minimize aggression and promote pairing? I figure she'd need to start with half a dozen of each, then could thin out once pairing occurred? Ultimately, does the limit need to be one pair of each? (The word "group" below confuses me...) I cut and paste the bulleted list below from the cookie cutter article. Basically, I'd want to do the same as below, except substitute the brichardi/pulvus instead of the n. buescheri...

• Altolamprologus calvus or compressiceps pair
• Neolamprologus buescheri pair
• Shell dweller pair of choice -
'Lamprologus' (Shellies) brevis,
multifasciatus (group), meleagris,
ornatipinnis, ocellatus, speciosus,
similis (group), Neolamprologus signatus

I am very excited to help her set this up. My lifestyle no longer allows for fishkeeping, but I miss it and look forward to living vicariously through hers!

Thanks much!!

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The brichardi tend to kill everything in the tank when they spawn.
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