Moai robot

Another tech product for your aquarium that may be available soon is the MOAI Robot. This device incorporates two types of tech that have appeared on this blog; glass cleaner and webcam. The MOAI, which can be pre-ordered on, is an automated glass cleaner that can also record video and take pictures. Both of these features can be controlled remotely through a cellphone app.

While many hobbyists may see a product like the MOAI Robot as an unnecessary and expensive item, others may find the functions of this device to be worth the cost. Especially for those that are too busy to keep their showtank in pristine condition or are away from home when the lights are on. According to the MOAI website, the robot can be controlled remotely for viewing or set to take photos at predetermined times. Great for those who want to check up on their fish when away. See the short demo video below and visit the for more information.