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ML Double Bright led's ?????

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Hey folks, I am getting back into the hobby after about a 6 month break in which I got rid of all my equipment. My question to you all is this: would a 36" marineland double bright led light be to much for a 48" 33 gallon tank with just African cichlids and black sand with a black background and cichlid stones in it??
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If you find it to be too bright, and you might in a tank that shallow, you could always put duct tape over some of the LED lenses.
I have a single bright on a 20g long and it is just perfect. I have double brights on a 100g tank and it is perfect there too.

I don't think you'd want a single bright on a 33 with black substrate and black background based on how my single brights look on my 20g long with white sand.

So, I too vote double brights. If you find them to bright do as jrf suggests and tape over a few of them.
+1 on the double brights. Have the 36" on my 75g and its perfect (for me anyhow). Like dotbomb said with all the black dont think single brights would do it for ya on a 33.
Thank you all for your input... I will go with the double brights and cover a few if the light is too powerful!! As soon as I have it all up and running I'll put up a pic!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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