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Mixing Fish

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Im looking to mix to types of cichlid together i was thing about keeping Firemouth's and Eletric Blue Jack dempsy's together if anyone can help me about this and tell me what is necessary to keep them together or mix any other fish it will be much appreciated.

Tank Size 36" L X 16.25" W X 20" H

I would also like to know what specificatons about the water to have these fish together

Ty for all help.
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What happened to your Saulosi tank. That seemed like an ideal stocking option to me, and they are not rare fish. With some looking around, you should be able to find them.

EBJDs are supposed to be wimpier than real JDs, and FMs also belong to the calmer Central Americans, but still, putting two types of Central Americans together in a 3' tank would seem like tempting luck to me.
i was looking at the P.Saulosi but everywhere i checked no body had them so i wanted to see if i had any other options about the firemouth's though would i be able to mix any other fish with
them cause i really would like to put them in the tank
Moved here from tank setups, hoping that you Central American guys can make some suggestions what - if anything - would work with Firemouths in a tank that size. I believe it's a 46G bow front.
I think they would work out fine. I would make boundaries out of decorations or rocks to provide hiding spots. Jewels would also work with either of them. If you want to keep more the 2 different cichlids I would go with all the same sex as spawning will create aggression. You are limited by your tank size. You might be able to have 2 pair in your tank. With good cover and broken line of sight you might get away with it, but who knows. Good Luck...dgarrett
I've seen Rainbow cichlids (also relatively mellow) mixed with Firemouths as well as other Thorichthys, some of which don't get quite as big as the Firemouth. Whatever you decide, I think your success, as dgarrett said, will depend on how you set up the space. Let us know what you do and how it works out.
Same sex for firemouth is a bad idea especially for males unless you like your fish to have tattered fins and enjoy seeing them flare their gills at each other almost constantly. I would go with one FM to avoid con specific aggression and your EBJD, you could also think of some type of Cryptoheros species. My personal favorite is Cutteri but Sajica, Nanos, Spilurus and common convicts are options as well.
A firemouth and a EBJD are not likely to work out in a 3 ft tank. bpman25's sugesstions of cutteri, sijica, nanos, spilurus and concicvts are mutch better options. I would try for a pair of one of those.

I appreciate all the help for everyone ill think about it and let everyone know what i am choosing
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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