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i have 2 groups of cop. virginalis "gold" and "firecrest" growing out i have to figure out where im putting them once they are mature. i also have a group of woody strain ruby red fry coming.. and possibly some Ngara flametail fry (if i get lucky) i basically have 5 african tanks one is gonna be species for kandeense 55g, one is 125g male peacock/hap, 75 that Lwandas and cyp Leptosoma Katete are going in, 55 with er jakes, lethrinops nyassae, gold occies, and then 125g with 2 species of xeno, 1 sp of cyp probly end up with kiriza black/yellow in there if they survive the growout if not then the cyp micro karalani will be in there, foai kachese and paracyps.. so i have to figure out where im putting the 2 groups of virginalis.. i was thinking putting my wc jumbo cyp micro karalani in with my peacocks and haps.. would probly make good dithers or im going to sell them... then i was thinking i put one group of virginalis in with the jakes, lethrinops and shellies and one in with the lwandas or i can do one group in the 125g tang tank... my ph isnt too high in the tang tank its like 8.4 cuz my water sucks even with the seachem tang buffer... or i can do with the tangs and in the 55 with the jakes and shellies... ill probly end up selling or trading my jakes once i have a nice albino male or 2 for my show tank cuz that tank seems like its gonna be too crowded.. the lethrinops are real laid back so im sure one group of virginalis would be fine in there... then i was thinkin either the woody ruby reds or the flametails if i can get them would go in the 125 tang tank to breed idk what do you guys think i should do?

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ok i didnt explain that well at all thats probly why no1 answered me.. so here ill explain it alot better if i knew how to delete this post entirely and repost it i would but i dont

ok so ill list what tanks i have first and whats def going in them and then what i need help placing.. i have

A) 125 gallon mostly all male peacock and hap tank so far theres 3 def females in there thou a "yellow" and an ob peacock and protomelas spilontus mara rocks ph 7.8

B) 55 gallon with gold occie shellies, eureka red jakes 1 male jus colored up and 6 or 7 smaller ones maybe all female, lethrinops sp. nyassae 1 male 2 females and a few peacock juvies growing out to put in main 125g tank ph 7.8

C) 75 gallon with 8 aul. Lwanda juvies (asked for 3 males 5 females) ph7.8
D) 125 gallon community tanganyikan tank with 2 species of xenos (diff genus so they wont interbreed), 12 paracyps nigrippinis, 8 foai kachese, ph around 8.4 i use the seachem tang buffer and it still doesnt get up that high

need placement
1 group of 6 cop. virginilas "gold" and
1 group of 6 cop. virginalis "firecrest" jus found out that gold was from outofafricanj and firecrest from toms tanganyikans..

i also have 1 group of 6 wc Cyprichromis microlepidotus karilani 2 males, 4 females
1 group of 8 Cyprichromis Leptosoma Katete not sure the ratio they are like 2.5inchs

also have a group of woody ruby red peacock fry coming.

any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. my friend i got all the tangs from said i could do 1 group of cyp in the 125 tang tank and one in with the jakes and lethrinops or one group in with the Lwandas and he said i could do one virginalis in the tang tank or 1 in the lwanda tank or 1 in the lethrinop, jake tank.. he also said if i really had to i could put the wc cyp micro karalani in with the all males if i took out all the rockwork and introduced them then slowly added the rocks back.. just not sure about aggression against the cyps and virginalis and crossbreeding between virginalis and lethrinops

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well this is what someone else told me (somewhere else lol) which i think is what im going to do

I would put the cyp. Micros in tank D. the 125 tang tank.

The Cyprichromis Leptosoma Katete in tank C the 75 g tank. Also one group of Copadichromis can go in there.

The other Copadichromis group can be put in tank B the 55. I would avoid putting the any of the Copadichromis in the all male 125 tank.

The only place the put the the ruby red peacock fry in would be the 125 tang tank.
There should be no problems with the lethrinops and Copadichromis interbreeding. They dont look a like and as long as each male has females they should be ok. I would get rid of extra males. Put the extras in teh all male tank. This will help keep theaggresion down.
accept i dont think ill be getting rid of any extra male firecrest virginalis.. ill probly throw extra males into my male tank if i get alot of them.. depends on what the ratio turns out to be i think its 1 or 2 males to 5 or 6 females in each group
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