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Mixed OB Peacock Babies...

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I have an OB Peacock tmale hat mated with a non-descript "yellowish" Walmart female peacock (hand selected by my daughter who calls her miss sunshine so the darn fish is here to stay). All of the offspring are this sad yellowish color, though a few do have a blotch or two on their forehead area. I know I should do the right thing with these guys and put them out of their misery, but do OB babies "blotch up" as they age? I might keep a few on the side just to see what they turn into.
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These are all hybrids and it is not predictable what you will get in fry. It is not surprising that a lot of fry would turn out blah.

Not sure how big these juveniles are but if they are an inch long they probably will not get much better except for a male that could color up nicely at maturity. It is hard to predict.
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