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Hi All,

I am new to cichlids keeping and have received advice all over the spectrum on how to do this.

According to the cookie cutter suggestions for a 40 gallon long tank (48x13x16), a recommended setup is

Thorichthys callolepis (San Domingo?)- 4
Aequidens pulcher (Blue Acara)- 2
Capoeta tetrazona (Tiger Barb) - 6
Ancistrus temminkii (Bristlenose Pleco) - 2

I think this sounds like a nice setup (though it seems like a lot of fish?), but I'm wondering if some variations would be okay. I currently have 2 electric blue acaras and one firemouth (thorichthys meeki).

I'm wondering if I could do my 2 acaras and 4 firemouths, or would that be overstocked? Seems like a lot of fish for a 40 gallon tank.
Also I can't find very much information about the Thorichthys callolepis anywhere, but from what I have found, it seems similar to the firemouth.

If this would be overstocked, do you have any suggestions for any different cichlids I could add to the three fish I currently have? I love the look of Jack Dempsey's, but I'm thinking that would be too much for the tank size.

Also, instead of the tiger barbs, I'd like to do a yellow colored fish to add some color to my setup. I'm not to interested in a pleco, so I wouldn't mind skipping that. Any suggestions?
Thanks everyone!
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