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Mixed lake 180 gallon

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So I want to mix lakes (ut oh!) but I've got LOTS of space and plan on TONS of rock. So here's what I'm thinking, please critique me as you see fit.

Definite (hopefully?):
Wife wants tank with LOTS of color so we have decided on Peacocks, she want's an all male, I'm okay with that I guess, but fry = fun in my book, proud parent of all kinds of fish over the years, its in the blood :) So I was thinking about 10 to 12 smaller males (local place will let me vent them as long as I do not do any damage). I have wanted shellies forever, so I was hoping to lay out at least 1.5-2 sq feet shell bed, I like multies but might end up with something a bit "tougher" based on the other fish I want to keep. I'd really like to get at least one (but probably 2) venustus as well.

Less definite:

From there, I'm less sure, I'd love some yellow labs, which I think should get along just fine with the above. I'd also like some julie's to round out the lake Tanganyika representation. I might want to do something with some stripes, maybe demasoni? is there something more mild mannered blue/striped?

Lastly I'd like to have at least one representative of lake Victoria (the most overlooked lake in the trio, sadly). I saw pictures of Pundamilia nyererei which are VERY impressive, and there is the one commonly known as "Christmas Fulu" that is stunning.

Let me know what you guys think, I think I've listed fairly well in order of importance to me.
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I own Demasoni and asked some of the same questions as you regarding the Vics so maybe I can answer a couple of the questions.

I would not put Demasoni in this tank, unless you are talking about a single and have no problem tearing it down to remove the fish if it does not work.

Regarding the Vics, I was advised the Pundamilia are too aggressive for a mild tank of peacocks and labs...that they act more like auratus. And the Christmas Fulu are very timid and will not color up without females.

Note that peacocks and shellies will prefer more open spaces as opposed to tons of rock.

Finally a question of my own. Or a concern. I'd think the venustus would eat the shellies and other small tangs you are considering.

I do have three Tangs in an all-male hap/peacock tank and two of them are coming out. They don't interact with the other fish, just sort of veg in one spot cowering or looking depressed, not colored up and don't seem to compete for food very well.

I think you need three tanks. :thumb:
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That sounds terrible, DJRansome. Do people have luck mixing lakes?
WOW thanks for the advice on the victorians, I guess I'll just forget them :) I knew demasoni can be something of a bother but I've seen them in with yellow labs so thought maybe. So lets do this as a hypothetical.

I get shellies and Julies (which is the reason for having some rocks, that and blocking some sight lines), I leave the shellies and Julis for a few months to make sure they are breeding and the population is rising. I may be able to get the peacocks at around the same time as well. After the population on the shellies and Julis is stable (read "needing a population controller") then I will add the venustus for some light population control. I wouldn't want calvus as they are a bit too good at pop control, so I'vd heard...

So would that more limited tank work out a bit better (I could do a larger shell bed probably too)
The venustus will be much more of a threat to the shellies than the calvus. I'd imagine the venustus would eat the adults, don't forget this is a 11" fish.

The calvus (6" fish) will eat only newborn fry. They are an excellent mix with shellies and juli's.

Why don't you choose your #1 favorite must-have fish and we can suggest tank mates.
Must have is peacocks and multis. I figured a rock pile with some julie's would work as well. How is that if we take out the large "fake dead" fish :)
Peacocks are best suited for other peaccoks and all male if your doing multi species they cross breed very easily. So many hybrids around. They also work nice with haps. Your venestus would work great and thats speaking from a guy who has a 9ich Ven with some redshoulders and electric blue ahlis. People please try not to mix lakes it usually doesnt work.
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