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Microbubbles in Aquarium? Pump?

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Hi all,

I have tried reading countless articles on many forums and still struggling to solve my problem. I have a 265g African cichlid tank with a sump setup. Tank has been set up for 5+ years and no real changes to fish, WC routine or anything else within the last year. About 3 weeks ago I started getting millions of microbubbles in the display tank. I have done countless water changes and readjusted filter positioning to see if I could fix but no luck.

I have read it could be tiny hole in some line, mixing the air with the water however I can't seem to find that (also I would imagine I would see water drippings somewhere?) Last night I realized that the sumps are perfectly clear (no bubbles in the water) so I think I can conclude that the bubbles must be created from the return pump/line to the tank, but I could be wrong.

Is it possible that the pumps are just shot old (I found one article that a bad impeller could create bubbles) and I need new pumps? I inherited the set up so I odn't know the age of teh pumps but they most certainly are old. They still send water to the tank, however wondering if this could be the problem?

Any help troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone in advance
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How Annoying! :x
And, this problem is apparently not just something you alone are dealing with. I don't know how many pictures I've seen of aquariums running, and the water is just about jam-full of those micro-bubbles. The owner of the aquarium is either as stymied by the problem as you are, or has just quit worrying about it and accepted things, 'as is'.
So, I agree with you - fight the bubbles! Some troubleshooting could be in order here!
- Can you get, acquire (purchase?) a different (or even new?) submersible pump to try in your sump? Attempting return flow from the sump to your aquarium with another pump, makes sense actually...
- I would purchase a length of vinyl tubing. This is something you can try as a replacement for the discharge run from the pump on up to the tank.
If application of either of those troubleshooting attempts still yields 'MILLIONS OF MICRO-BUBBLES'? Well, it could be on to the next possible troubleshooting steps we can dream up, as something else that can be attempted to fix this annoying problem. :wink:
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Thank you very much for the reply/advice. I just ordered 2 new pumps as I feel better ruling them out. I have never plumbed a sump, but guessing i can just pull the other ones off and use the same hose line with a hose clamp? Seems odd that an old pump could create micro bubbles but logically I guess it could if it is going bad? If this doesn't solve the issue I will try your other suggestion.

It is so frustrating that tank has been clear for years and happened out of the blue. Hoping since the sump doesn't seem to have bubbles that i can rule out the intake and sump media components as the culprit.

Given that the tank is in the kitchen it drives me even crazier as it is the focal point of the room.

Thanks again for your help, any ideas are really appreciated.
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