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Scientific Name: Metriaclima zebra (Ndumbi)
Pronunciation: m
Geo. Origin: Ndumbi
Habitat: Deep Rocky Habitat
Diet: Herbivore
Gender Differences: Monomorphic
Breeding: Maternal Mouthbrooder
Temperament: Aggressive
Conspecific Temperament: Highly Aggressive
Maximum Size: 6"
Temperature: 78 - 82°F
pH: 7.8 - 8.6
Water Hardness: Hard
Difficulty: 2


In the wild
Photo Credit: Ad Konings

This species is found in a great number of locations and likewise has tremendous diversity in its appearance. It is not possible to describe the species exactly. Even within populations, different color patterns will occur. Next to the normal blue/black vertical bar form, there are orange blotch forms and orange forms. Even an entirely sky blue form and a white form have been described. In general, the males are more brightly colored than the females.
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