Metriaclima sp

Metriaclima sp. "mbweca". Photo by Dave Hansen​

Originally belonging to the genus Cynotilapia, Metriaclima sp. "mbweca" was commonly found on price lists as "afra mbweca" or "green afra". Like other Malawi mbuna, male M. sp. "mbweca" can be territorial and does best in groups of one male and multiple females. While dominant males can be aggressive toward conspecific males, they are not known for being as aggressive as other mbuna. M. sp. "mbweca" can be kept with a variety of other cichlid species. However, care should be taken to ensure that females of other species are not similar to M. sp. "mbweca" females. A short article on Metriaclima sp. "mbweca" by Nick Andreola can be found in the Library.