A video showing the first release of Melanochromis chipokae at Chidunga Rock.

The video shows Pierre le Roux releasing 68 Melanochromis chipokae he raised into waters where they have almost disappeared. The video was taken by le Roux's son, Jean. The release was made possible by donations to the Stuart M. Grant Cichlid Conservation Fund.

Melanochromis chipokae is popular in the cichlid hobby. Their popularity has contributed to the over-capturing of the species at Chidunga Rock. M. chipokae is an extremely aggressive Lake Malawi mbuna. Its bright colors and abundance in the hobby have made it a favorite of beginners. However, this species' hyper-aggressive is often difficult to manage by inexperienced hobbyists. A great article by Brett Harrington describes some tips to keeping M. chipokae. For discussion visit the Lake Malawi Species forum.

Melanochromis chipokae

Screen capture of release video.​