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I have this newer group of mbuna-

6-Labeotropheus trewavasae Ikwasi

6-Cynotilapia afra "Mbweca" "Green Afra"

8-Pseudotropheus Elongatus Chailosi

2- yellow lab

5- maingano

75g long tank. I know it is slightly over stocked, I'm waiting to pull extra males, and somebody was supposed to be taking my maingano and yellow labs after the freeze but they backed out. So now I have more than I wanted.

Either way, during feeding today, I noticed that some of their lips look a little swollen. See pictures. I'm not sure if it's from fights or what. All fish are acting fine. Water change day is tomorrow. Only recent change was that last week I finally took all carbon out of my canister and rinsed the rest off in the tank water.


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Apparently they are lip locking. I would resolve the extra fish as soon as possible. Mine get white lips but I have never really noticed swelling.
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