mbuna profiles

Melanochromis wochepa formally M. dialeptos. Photo by Ad Konings​

There have been changes in the classification of many mbuna species. Over the next few weeks you'll see some major updates to Cichlid-Forum's mbuna profiles. The fish pictured above is just one example. For a long time it was believed to be a variant of Melanochromis dialeptos but has been reclassified as Melanochromis wochepa. If you visit the Malawi Mbuna Profiles you'll noticed that we've already updated several dozen Pseudotropheus to Cynotilapia or Tropheops. Many of the well known Cynotilapia afra variants like Cobue and Jalo Reef have now become Cynotilapia zebroides. Along with the classification updates we'll also be adding new species and images. Once the mbuna profiles are done, expect to see other group updates.