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Peacocks and most mbuna (aggressive types) don't mix well for a few reasons. Peacocks are not as quick or agile swimmers as mbuna and can easily lose out on food and have a hard time outrunning mbuna in a chase. Peacocks can often live in a stressful environment when housed with mbuna and because of this, are in constant use of energy, which can cause lack of colour, make them more prone to illness and ultimately shorten their life span.

They may not show any signs of this stress but if you remove a peacock from an mbuna tank and place him in a tank of his own, you can often see a difference. There are lesser aggressive species of mbuna that are fine with peacocks. Labidochromis caeruleus and textilis, Pseudotropheus sp. "acei" and Iodotropheus sprengerae seem to get along alright with peacocks. In the same respect, Aulonocara jacobfreibergi can usually hold their own against just about any mbuna except the exceptionally nasty ones.

An exception may be a very large tank. What size tank and what species of Peacocks were you considering?

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The tank is 120g I have five peacocks currently
2x red peacocks
1x Strawberry Peacock
1x yellow peacock
1x blue neon hai reef wild
along with
Yellow labs
red zebras

4 red zebras
5 kenyi only 1 male
8 grasheki
5 yellow labs
1x lake victorian cichlid.....cant remember species

I plan to move the Peacocks to a 55g and have a all male peacock tank in a month or so. We are moving at the end of june. The peacocks are pretty new to the tank so it will be temporary.
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