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Heres my 55 gallon with TX holey rock but Im switching over to a 75 gallon w/ Mexican river rock hopefully this weekend. These are the fish I have though:

5x: yellow labs
1x: nkhata bay
1x: solid yellow (not sure what it is?)
1x: male yellow blaze
1x: male flametail
1x: female flametail (she was a package deal w/ the male but I cant keep her)
1x: male electric blue ahli
1x: male german red
1x: male regal blue
1x: male bi-color
1x: male makonde yellow black fin
1x: male fireline mloto


Little yellow lab just hanging out

Nkhata bay

Not sure what species it is? DOES ANYONE KNOW??

Yellow blaze


Electric blue ahli
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